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Bring Back & Allow Over Allocations to Monthly Funding Plan

For years I've been able to over allocate my funding plan so that it actually exceeds my income amounts, I simply made sure enough money was in my "unallocated" folder to meet the needs of my funding plan. Now, sometime not long ago, that changed and the funding plan won't allow me to over allocate beyond my budget amount. The only solutions I've been offered are to either create a "custom funding plan" (this tool is much harder to use as it doesn't show my budgeted amounts or remaining amounts needed to meet my budget) or possibly increase my income amounts to match what I'll actually be funding (this seems fraught with other potential issues, not the least of which is inaccurate budgeting). I understand why most people would not want to allocate more than their income but in some cases (like additional random sources of income that don't make sense to add to the expected "income" section) it can be useful. Again, this was a feature that was allowed for many years and only recently was changed. As a compromise, you could pop up a warning message if someone over allocates but still let them do it.

  • Brad Copeland
  • May 5 2021
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