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Bug: In-flight transfers when adding a new account

This bug is regarding “in-flight money” at the time of setting up an account on MV5. Money that is “in-flight”, meaning, has been sent it from an account with one financial institute (which shows in that account’s transaction history online) but it has not yet been received by the other financial institute. This is fine when MV5 sees both sides of this transaction. The problem is when you set up an account that has funds "in-flight" to it and MV5 doesn't know about the origination of those funds from another of your accounts. This is a problem as it creates a scenario where the System Envelopes balance will be forever skewed because it doesn’t have the first half of this transaction. One work-around is to track that "in-flight" transaction is "Unallocated Funds" when it shows up on the destination. However, for a new user, this is teaching them the "wrong way" to handle transfers from one account to the other, which should be using the System Envelopes method (either Account Transfers for Credit Card Payments).

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  • Feb 4 2021
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