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Include full envelope path in exported report

Using the Reports > Transactions feature to export all transactions for 2020, I found that the "envelope" included in the export is only the lowest level envelop. Therefore, (1) if I have a "Maintenance" sub-envelope underneath both the Auto and Home top-level envelopes, all those transactions show up in one "Maintenance" pile in my exported CSV file. Also, (2) any sorting of the CSV data on envelope now separates out related transactions (ex. all Auto or all Home transactions are now dispersed throughout the sort). Please include the full envelope path in the envelope field (ex. "Auto: Maintenance").

My normal year-end practice is to export all transactions, aggregate them by envelope (major and minor) and assess actual spending per envelope. This is painful to impossible with the existing export mechanism.

  • Chris U
  • Jan 1 2021
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  • Bryan Smith commented
    14 Jan, 2021 11:47pm

    This is terrible. I was writing a macro to parse my data and found the same issue. This is inexcusable and must be fixed ASAP!

  • Chris U commented
    1 Jan, 2021 07:41pm

    I'll add a second comment. If I do a Spending vs. Funding. vs. Budget report and have sub-envelopes with the same name, I get multiple records with that name (ex. "Maintenance" as above). Ideally, ALL places where the envelope name is publish should include the entire envelop path (unless it is a standard one like the "Other" folder name into which all my single [unnested] folders were put into when migrating from MV4).