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Bring back offline register vs online account balances

We really need to bring back the ability on mobile to differentiate what our manually entered offline register total for an account is, vs what the online account reports the total being, especially since some accounts don't update for several days. This will makeup for the delay in fetching transactions from the bank, and help users know exactly how much they have while avoiding making unnecessary mistakes.

Example 1: I want to write a check for $2,000. If I login to my bank or look at the online balance in Mvelopes for my checking account, I'll see that I have $2,200 in my account, and conclude that I have enough to write the check. However, when I look at the offline register balance that is reflecting everything I have manually logged in Mvelopes, I see that I only have $1,700 available because Mvelopes has accounted for a $500 check that I wrote 2 days ago that hasn't been withdrawn yet. This gives me the accurate and timely information I need to quickly transfer $300 to my account so this next check doesn't bounce.

Example 2: If I want to see if I have enough credit card balance to make an expensive purchase, I should feel confident of the answer because Mvelopes is showing me the accurate balance I have available, including any pending transactions, as apposed to the balance from the credit card company that hasn't accounted for any pending charges.

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  • Nov 21 2020
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