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Show budgeted amount for each envelope on Custom Funding Plan screen

Creating a custom funding plan to fund the budget you've created requires knowing what you've budgeted for each envelope. Per Support, the only way to refer to your budget while creating or editing a custom funding plan is to export the budget to a spreadsheet outside of Mvelopes first, before you start creating/editing the custom plan. This is a fundamentally broken process; I should be able to see that budgeted amount in the same window so that I can refer to it line by line as I create the custom plan.

  • Lisa Ellis
  • Oct 28 2020
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  • Kelly Flynn commented
    17 Jul, 2021 05:19pm

    It shows the budget when you're looking at the Monthly Funding Plan, but not when you are trying to create a Custom Funding Plan, as Lisa said. There is only 2 columns, the name of the envelopes, and the amount to be funded. At least if it totally opened in a new window instead of a linked popup, we would have the ability to switch between that window and the main window so that we could make this work. Right now if you click outside the box, it disappears and you have to start over.

  • Karen Magro commented
    13 Nov, 2020 07:17pm

    Hey Lisa! :) I felt the same way until my Mvelopes coach pointed showed me the column in the funding plan that shows the amount from the budget. I believe it's the second column over from the left, right after the total balance for that envelope. I was really happy to finally see this because it really did feel complicated without those numbers right there on the screen! I just hadn't seen it. Maybe Mvelopes needs to make it a different color (?). That would be helpful to me.