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REPORTS: export .csv file containing multiple select envelopes

Right now, Mv5 only seems to allow exporting one envelope at a time. Mv4 allowed me to export many different envelopes (which I would select in a checkbox window prompt) at once. SO, SO IMPORTANT for tax season!!!

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  • Oct 22 2020
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  • Elizabeth Horton commented
    5 Jan, 2021 03:51am

    Wes - you commented below that you were overhauling reports in December ahead of tax season....has this been done as promised? If so can you give us a list of what was added? I see only 3 report options which leaves a lot to be desired. Not sure if any of them are new or not? Maybe there were only 2 before? We had so many wonderful reports in Mv4 that I used all the time. I used to be able to print a super nice report in Mv4 with my tax deductible tag and it would list all the tax deductible transactions by envelopes with a total for each envelope which is super necessary for matching up totals with all the statements from the various ministries we support. I see the transactions report, but to get something like what I need I'd have to first sort it by envelope then by date then manually insert rows and auto sum totals for each different envelope.

  • Elizabeth Horton commented
    11 Nov, 2020 02:39am

    The reports you mentioned I'm not sure how they would help at all with this? I note my tax deductible items as tags and so I need a tagging report which covers any and all envelopes and separates them by envelope with totals for each envelopes (I could do this exact thing in MV4 no problem). For instance I don't want my entire medical envelope I just want the transactions that I've tagged as tax deductible. I also want don't want to see the items tagged "tax deductible" mixed up between the envelopes. For instance I give to various charities and they all have their own envelopes. I used to be able to do a report in Mv4 for my Tax Deductible tagged items and it would separate them by envelope and give me a total for each envelope. So If I need to total up all my medical bills that are deductible I can see a total from that envelopes (not a total of all my medical bills, but a total of just the ones marked "Tax deductible"). My budget has zero to do with tax deductible items so I'm not sure how the Spending vs. Funding vs. Budget helps at all with this?? I need to be able to see if my church says I gave them X amount of dollars that my records match that total which means I need to see the tax deducible items in that envelope (yes, there have been errors two years in a row from charities that I caught this way). I also don't necessarily remember all the envelopes that might contain tax deductible items so I need to be able to run a report on that tag and not just have a random mixed up mess of transactions from all the various envelopes with no organization.

  • Wes Shelnutt commented
    11 Nov, 2020 12:31am

    We're definitely overhauling Reports in December ahead of tax season. Currently, though, you are able to export the Spending vs Funding vs Budget report and it will get any envelopes that you've selected. The Transactions Report functions the same way. I'm going to mark this one as Already Exists, but I do acknowledge that we need to give more visibility in standard, exportable reports for tax season.