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Show whether this month's been paid or not

I can't tell at a glance whether a bill has already been paid for the current month (and the money sitting in its envelope is waiting for NEXT month's bill to come through), or whether I'm still waiting for THIS month's bill to come through (in which case the money sitting in its envelope is going to be used up any day and I'll need to replenish that money for next month's bill). This problem is even worse if I get behind in assigning transactions.

The only way I know to find out is to do time-consuming research by clicking on each envelope, finding the date of the last bill paid, writing it down manually, comparing that date to the day of the month that bill is usually paid, and making a note to myself to indicate whether I HAVE already funded and paid that bill, or whether I still NEED to fund it because it hasn't come out yet.

I want to see very clearly which bills have already been paid for the current (or any given) month, and which ones are still outstanding. If I could see that at a glance, I would feel confident putting any extra income toward debt payments. Right now, I'm holding onto any extra, just in case I misjudged/misunderstood.

  • Karen Magro
  • Oct 2 2020
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