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Budget figures should show up as suggested amounts in Funding Plan

I want the amounts I've put in my Budget to show up as the suggested amounts in my Funding Plan. Right now, the Funding Plan suggests whatever amount I paid last month (or some other variable amount from some unknown source/calculation).

When a bill changes slightly (i.e., a mortgage payment or an electrical bill or other variable bill), I want to be able to update my Budget with my new payment amount and have THAT amount show up in my Funding Plan when I get ready to fund envelopes in future months. Right now, the Funding Plan shows numbers from past payments (instead of pulling payment amounts from the Budget).

E.g., If my electric bill is normally $200 (and I've budgeted that amount as my regular/average payment) but last month it was $250, I don't want the Funding Plan to offer me $250 for that bill next month; I want it to offer me the amount I set up in my Budget ($200). I can always adjust the amount if I need to, but I want my original budget to be the source for the suggested figures, not the changes I make from month to month. I want to be able to make those changes without them affecting the budgeted/goal amount that shows up each month. Sometimes I pay more (like on a debt payment), so giving me the last payment's figures instead of my budgeted number disorients me and makes me have to stop and go look up what I normally pay. Very frustrating.

  • Karen Magro
  • Oct 2 2020
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