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Ability to edit income without deleting budget and funding plan

Currently my understanding from speaking to support both by phone and chat is that ANY change, however minor, to income will entirely DELETE my whole budget and my entire funding plan. This represents hours and hours of work to set-up and mine is extremely detailed. I can't even export or print my funding plan so I don't even have anything I can save to recreate that with. My husband's check amounts (and I'm assuming probably most people in the world) regularly changes a least once or twice a year because of tax withholding changes, changes to 401 K withholding or raises. If I update my income source to reflect those changes I lose my whole budget and my whole funding plan. It can't even begin to express how ridiculous and crazy that is. Especially since no one was warned AT ALL about this and I luckily somehow found out before I lost everything. In Mv4 this was a basic, easy and minor thing to do. Simply update the income then it warned me that things didn't balance anymore and I would got to my still totally intact budget and make the changes to account for the slight reduction or increase in income and then I would go to my totally intact funding plan and also update it. Super simple and super easy and NOTHING was lost. This is a huge amount of information, planning, thought and time that I've put into making my budget and funding plan and I now either have to live with that nothing will ever match up if his income or job changes. I can maybe see the funding plan going away if I COMPLETELY delete an income source because those are tied together, but the budget shouldn't ever be and I should be able to edit a funding source without losing anything.

  • Elizabeth Horton
  • Sep 25 2020
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  • Elizabeth Horton commented
    19 Mar, 2021 04:42am

    So yah need to adjust my husbands income, but I can't because I'll lose everything in my budget/or funding or maybe both...who knows...Can't even export them so I could recreate them.

  • Elizabeth Horton commented
    5 Jan, 2021 03:30am

    Any word on this or at least warning all the unsuspecting users who don't know about this before they find out the hard way if they get a cost of living increase in January? Or at the very least providing us the ability to export the funding and budget plans so we can re-enter all the info without having to write it all out by hand first?

  • Elizabeth Horton commented
    22 Dec, 2020 06:20pm

    Any word on fixing this super huge issue?

  • Guest commented
    7 Oct, 2020 09:46pm

    Yes, this has been a terrible issue!