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Report output is in no or random order when exporting to cvs or pdf.

When exporting the" Envelope Balance" or the" Spending vs Funding vs Budget" reports the report row order is random. I use these reports in Excel each month and the output should be in the same order as the Fund Envelopes page which is alpha by group. In order to accomodate this problem, I had to add a few letters of the group name to each envelope so it will sort correctly in Excel.

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  • Sep 24 2020
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  • Paul Kawaller commented
    10 Nov, 2020 09:33pm

    When you want to really think about how you have things set up so that you can evaluate your budget design, it's helpful to print things out or work on them in Excel. Being able to see things in the same order that exists on the screen is vital.

  • Guest commented
    3 Oct, 2020 07:27pm

    A thousand times this. What is the point of having envelopes and subcategories if they are it totally random order in the reports?