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Notes: Notes search function

Mvelopes 4 had a very important feature where one could search a word for example “vacuum” and it would bring up all entries that mention the word “vacuum” in the notes section of the entry. This was a very important feature and is absolutely necessary. How else does one search a purchase. I used it all the time as my paper receipts are filed by month and the only way I could find a particular purchase receipt was to search Mvelopes to see what month and year I purchased the item. Please bring back that feature. The ability to search notes, otherwise I don’t really see the need for a notes section. We can’t be guessing and opening every entry to see when we purchased an item.

Thank you

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  • Sep 21 2020
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  • Elizabeth Horton commented
    3 Mar, 2021 04:46am

    Even a universal search feature by payee would be helpful at this point

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