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Top 5 Fun Games To Play Over Text

The best feature of text-based games is how simple it is to start interacting with other players straight immediately. To ascertain this for yourself, play one of these games to play over text. If you simply give them a try, you won't believe how much fun they can be or how much they can help you get to know the person you're speaking with!
The 20 questions game, the Would you rather question, and the Never have I ever game are all common party games. More amusing and interesting games may be played by text, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and even email.
Here is a list of the top five games to play over text Visit our website if you'd want to learn more about gaming.
1. Twenty Questions
2. Kiss, Marry, and Kill
3. Never Have I Ever
4. Would You Rather
5. I Spy

  • lia rose
  • Jan 13 2023
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