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Not sure if they will leave this up, but hoping they will since this isn't going to be an option to use anymore. Hoping to get some insight from others who may have used Mvelopes for 20+ years and do all manual accounts with a very detailed budget/funding plan. EveryDollar is not going to be a good option for me as far as I can tell because you can't set up accounts or reconcile. Everything just goes into one big pool and you can't see accounts separately (there are no accounts basically). Looking at Good Budget, YNAB & Mint. Anyone have any insights or tips. Nothing looks like a good fit so I'm trying to pick the best of the worst. Overwhelmed by the research and set-up this is going to take

  • Elizabeth Horton
  • Oct 6 2022
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  • R&B Pez commented
    11 Nov 02:13am

    Hi Elizabeth - saying hi again. Since I last commented I test drove Tiller, Every Dollar, YNAB and Simplifi. My conclusio is that Every Dollar and Simplifi are THE WORST. Just the WORST. YNAB gets real close but missing some depth of transaction viewing and reporting that I hope they can be convinced to add. Tiller is really interesting but a very heavy lift to get going (and I'm a spreadsheet expert, so this was frustrating). I think the problem is they are just holding a different mental model on the whole budgeting thing and my mind sees it a different way and I haven't adjusted to their world view to understand how to get what I need. So Tiller might be great, just too early to tell. To do Envelope Budgeting/Savings it requires an add-in that I haven't yet installed and played with. If you come back here I would love to know what you think.

    I will say with certainty, Every Dollar is AWFUL in every way I can think of.

    I can see why Andrea posted what she did.

    Good luck!

  • R&B Pez commented
    8 Nov 12:35am

    Hi again Elizabeth - checking in to see if you've arrived at a new solution yet. I recetnly stumbled upon Tiller and it looks like a great option:

  • Andrea Marks commented
    13 Oct 04:47am

    You are so right! EveryDollar is no comparison at all to mvelopes, and I too have looked at all of them! Last Friday I checked out YNAB again and decided that it is the place for me.

    YNAB is amazing! It took a hot minute to figure it all out because I used mVelopes for 15+ years. But YNAB is actually more like the first version of mVelopes I used. The setting up of online accounts is way better, matching of transactions is seamless, it quickly learns to suggest categories for $$ spent, it saves Payees, Asset/Investment accounts can be synced and totalled, and I finally have the Net Worth totals back. Pending transactions is my favorite (again, like the old mV) the transactions do not drop down and affect the balances until they are cleared. Also, you can set up as many budgets as you like. I have a small business that I ran through my mV household envelopes account, but now I have set up my own business budget with it's own checking account syncing and a cash account. Finally, paying credit cards or transferring money between Accounts is one entry (again, like the old mV!)

    I have been pleasantly surprised and in less than a week feel like I have used this system forever. I think it is Better than the most recent versions of mV. I am actually happy that I was forced to make this decision!

  • R&B Pez commented
    7 Oct 03:10pm


    I came here looking for the same community support. Over the years, when I have been so frustrated with Mnvelopes, I’ve done a bunch of research of other programs (have even signed up for trial accounts) and tested the programs. I found nothing that is comparable (including Every Dollar).

    If it weren’t for my love and dedication to true envelopes budgeting I would have moved on from Mvelopes a long time ago. It makes me wonder if these frustrations were their ultimate demise.

    I am about to revisit my research notes and get into the weeds on this again. I’ll let you know what I find.

    In the meantime I recommend searching on YouTube. People have made great videos that show you how other accounting applications work.