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Option for Individual Envelopes (Not all hidden behind Groups)

All the envelopes are hidden in groups. I dislike this so much! I need to see individual envelopes and their balances. In previous versions, 10-15 envlopes and balances were shown in the left side window view. (which incidentally, was directly above the Accounts view with all of their online and register balances in view! Oh how I miss that layout!)

I could glance at the left column, do a quick scroll of all my envelopes and get a clear picture of what my situation was in Both my Accounts and Envelopes. Because accounting is both sides of the equation.

Now, if I have envelopes that I have overspent and there is no easy way to tell. It takes forever to go through each group to look at every envelope. This is very cumbersome and not user or budget friendly at all!

  • Andrea Marks
  • Aug 14 2021
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